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Search engine optimisation is the attempt to optimise your web site for maximum visibility on the search engines. The three main areas involved in search engine optimisation are keyword research, website optimisation (or web page optimisation), and link building…

Search engine optimisation?

Having a website is fine and dandy, but how are people going to know that your site exists? There are literally billions of web pages on the internet and the numbers are growing every day. Research suggests that more than 80% percent of people use search engines to find what they are looking for on the internet. In order to get your fair share of search engine visitors, it’s important that your site can be found. Search engine optimisation can improve your visibility, so when someone types a search phrase into Google relevant to your company your website shows at or near the top of the list. Find out how our search engine optimisation services can boost your search engine results.

Keywords (or key phrases) are the words that people type into search engines to find the information, products and services they are looking for. You need to determine which are the best keywords for your business and then optimise your web pages to ensure that your site appears high up in the search engines when someone searches for those words. Find out how our keyword research service can help ensure you are targeting the most effective keywords for your business…

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Link building is recognised as a key requirement for effective search engine optimisation. All the major search engines have different formulas (algorithms) which they use to determine what results to show when someone performs a search on the internet. Among the most important factors are “in-bound links” or backlinks. A backlink link is simply a link on another website which points to your site. Search engines interpret these links as a vote of confidence for your website. So a site with lots of in-bound links may be deemed more important than a site with no in-bound links. However, it is not just the number of links but the quality of those links that really makes the difference. Find out how our link building services can help you succeed with your link building campaign…