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Your website is the home of your brand, business, or organisation on the internet. As such, it’s the basis of almost all digital marketing strategies, and an essential starting point for your online presence. However, the costs of website development and design can get out of control and quickly, too. Small businesses and startups might not be able to handle all those costs upfront, but Currant is here to help with cheap web design services that can get you up and running with a modern, professional site in no time.

CurrantWeb has a range of cheap website services to help you set up an online to be proud of without having to pay out of the nose for it. Amongst our most cost-effective services are our pay monthly websites.


Website Designed

Our team of web designers is here to get your site live without burying you in costs you can’t handle. No matter what industry you’re in, your website can be one of your most versatile marketing tools, spreading brand awareness, growing leads, communicating essential information to customers, and converting visitors.

The sheer cost of setting up a website is enough to prevent small businesses, startups, and freelancers from taking advantage of what is potentially their greatest tool. Our cheap websites, Pay As You Go websites chief amongst them, allow you to avoid those hefty bills and start convincing and converting visitors immediately.

Cheap Web Design

However, cheap doesn’t mean cheap looking. With designers experienced in creating all kinds of bespoke sites, we provide the quality of design you expect from a website design UK  firm. The only difference is in how you pay. Monthly payments allow you to split up the costs you’d normally pay upfront, making it much more affordable in the long term.

There’s no contract and no minimum term to our cheap website design services, and even a full money back guarantee for the first 30 days, so you can rest assured you’re getting the professional quality that you expect. Thanks to those cheaper website costs, you can spend more of your money on the investments that are going to make the most impact on your growing business, knowing that you’re not sacrificing a quality website in the meantime.

With the professional, quality web design services available from CurrantWeb, you know that your website is helping you make the first impression that attracts, informs, convinces and converts visitors into customers. Complete with professional level graphics, video, content, and user interface design, your brand can put its best foot forward on the net.

Currant Website Design UK selection of cheap web development services can help you get your foot in the door, online, but we also offer a host of cheap, effective online marketing campaigns to help you boost the effectiveness of your website, as well. From strategies that improve the reach and visibility of the website to those that directly convert more customers, we have you covered.

When designing websites, we make good use of our search engine optimisation know-how to give your site pride of place in search engine rankings. Not only does this make your brand more visible, but customers tend to trust Google, and are more likely to click on and trust websites that achieve those top rankings, as a result.

We’re also here to help with those high conversion campaigns, from paid advertising to email marketing and social media, creating websites with landing pages that can convert from links leading back, as well as content that can help you drive your marketing campaigns. All of this is included in your pay monthly website service, helping you achieve much more than simply setting a website.

Create any kind of website that suits you

You’re not sacrificing your options by opting for any of our cheap website design services. The needs and wants of you, the client, always come first. You’re involved in the decision making every step of the way, with your approval needed for every single element of the website. We don’t move onto the next phase of the design without you.

To begin with, we get the essentials out of the way, including the domain name, registration, and annual renewals, so you get complete control over your website, even when you’re done with our services.

From there, we begin to shape your website based on the kind of presence that you want to create. We will work with you to understand your site, your brand, and the aims you have your site. If you’re looking to set up a content-rich site with blogs that can be used to fuel content marketing campaigns or a simple, easy-to-use site to inform visitors of your services, we can do that, too. Whatever your goals are is what we’ll set out to achieve with your site. To aid in that, we have a host of templates, which we can help you choose between.

Template based design

Designing your website based on templates allows us to choose a basis that helps you get up and running all the sooner. However, you’re not limited by those templates. We have a lot to choose from and we’re able to customise completely to your needs, so they’re more a springboard than a final decision.

If you’re service provider, you might prefer a template that offers simple navigation between informational pages, each of them ending with a call to action that leads customers to a contact details page. If you’re opening up an online store, you can choose an ecommerce site that allows you to set up individual product pages, as well different departments and categories to aid with the online shopper’s journey.

Your template can also help you hone down the image and first impression you want to give your visitors, too. For instance, you can choose how content rich and feature heavy the site needs to be in order to make it easier for the user to navigate, or choose to keep it minimalist and as accessible as possible, only showing the bare minimum necessary information and content.

Our experienced team has a lot of insight of their own to offer during the design process, but we know how important research is, as well. As such, all of our templates are developed based on what has been proven to work best for attracting, holding the attention of, and converting customers.

Adding your brand

When you’ve chosen the template, there’s no need to wait around. You can buy it immediately from the website. After that, we help you add your branding to the website to ensure that it’s fully unique. Bespoke cheap web design couldn’t be any easier. Working with you, we’ll perfect the look, adding the logos, branding, style, and content that helps bring your site to life.

There are a huge host of design options and customisable features that can help you complete your website. If you have an idea or a need, simply ask us about it. Our team has the expertise to bring it to life.

If at any point, you feel like your needs aren’t being fully reflected in your options, you are always welcome to help us find a new direction. At every step in the process, listening to your needs and making the right recommendations based on our own design experience is how we have ended up with so many happy website owners.

Our services are based on what we learn about your business, your brand, your industry, and your customers. However, you always have the final decision when it comes to how to implement logos, photos, videos, and all the other design elements. It’s your website, so it’s your say.

Want to add a blog?

If there’s anything else we can do to ensure that your website meets your needs and beats out your competition, we’re glad to hear what you have in mind. You might want to add a blog to the website to keep customers updated with news and to write valuable, educational or informative content, we can make it easy to add new posts consistently.

Blogs do a whole lot for a business website. They help keep it fresh and alive, they help to give you content marketing material to spread through social media, and they even help optimise your website for search engines, improving its visibility and reach.

For those who want to be able to sell their products directly from their website, whether creating an online alternative for a physical store, or setting up an online only store, we have the tools you need to give your website true ecommerce functionality, including shopping carts, breadcrumb navigation, payment selections features and more. Our cheap websites are the perfect solution for your business.

For those businesses that provide services that can’t simply be sold online, then giving your customers the information they need and the means to get in touch is the most reliable method of converting them. From service information pages, to testimonials pages, portfolio pages, and gallery pages showing your past work, we can help you create a site that sells. Our cheap websites are perfect for these types of websites, get in contact today to see how we can help you.

More and more customers are using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even portable game consoles to browse the web and learn more about businesses. CurrantWeb ensures that all websites we designed are responsive, meaning that they will work with screens of all sizes without glitching out or being unable to fit all the necessary information and media on the page.

Making your website responsive is one thing, but if you’re aiming to target mobile users specifically, we can create pages that are adapted to their browsing habits. Shorter snippets of content they can read on the go and less of a reliance on large images can make your site truly optimised to mobile platforms.

Reliable, secure, and flexible

Just because your website is cheap doesn’t mean that it’s going to be flimsy. Our hosting services are robust, able to sustain all kinds of systems and ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Reinforced by a backup policy that ensures the most up-to-date version of your site is always available helps ease your concerns even more so.

Furthermore, we can help you apply security certificates to your website, encrypting all data entry forms, protecting your site against malicious invaders and giving you that all important “https” at the beginning or your URL, telling your more net savvy visitors that yours is a secured website.

Furthermore, our cheap web designed UK services are also scalable. If your needs grow, your website might have to grow as well. We make it simple to expand your site and services through our different packages, so you don’t have to switch providers when the time comes.

If you need help with anything, whether it’s related to your reliability, security, or flexibility needs, our support team is available 24/7 to help you out.

Ensuring your satisfaction

When complete, you’re allowed to preview and browse your site, looking at it through a regular visitor’s eyes. You can see for yourself how it navigates, how fast it loads, how it works with different platforms and more. The site will be in a complete state, meaning all links, photos, videos, and functionality is up and working.

From there, you simply need to decide when your site goes live. As soon as you make that decision, our additional marketing services are there to help you get the launch that you deserve. Boosting your visibility, attracting more visitors, and converting more customers becomes our priority when you’re happy with the site.

When you choose our pay as you go website services, we don’t simply leave you to handle it on your own. We ensure a long-term relationship with our clients that helps them maintain that high-quality online presence and sustains a robust digital marketing campaign, all without needing to raise huge amounts of cash.

The team at Currant Website Design is as passionate about your website as you are, and we have the affordability to make it even more convenient. If you want to learn more about our cheap website designed UK services, simply get in touch.