Online is just part of what we do at CurrantWeb. As we as being a leading website design agency, our team are able to assist your business with a wide range of offline branding & digital material. Our Graphic Design Coventry team are specialists in ensuring that your business has a consistent brand identity.

Graphic design is an important tool for your business. It has the power to visually communicate to people what your business is all about: your ethos, your products, and your brand message. It has the power to persuade, engage and evoke emotions in your target audience. Quite simply, it is a crucial tool in brand development, and yet it is often neglected by businesses.

You only have one attempt to make a first impression, and graphic design is the first view of your business that a potential customer has. They judge your business within seconds, so it is vital that your graphic design cuts the mustard.

No matter how successful your enterprise, poorly designed outdated graphics will give the impression that your firm is small and behind the times. On the flip side, strong graphic design can make even the smallest startup or single person enterprise look as though they are a well-established, reputable organisation.

  • Website
  • Logo
  • Leaflets
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Signage
  • Booklets

By using consistent designs, you are using visual alliteration to make your brand more recognisable and memorable through the message that the graphics carefully convey.

Great graphic design can provide your brand with a consistent message across every customer-facing medium, so each individual customer has the same experience with every contact they have with your business including your:

Brochure & Print Design Coventry

Print design is not dead & is often completely neglected by many businesses. As a web design company we recognise this & offer our customers a reliable print design service that will not only help you attract new business but also prove as informative pieces for your customers. We provide everything from logo design, branding, leaflets, letterheads, business cards, signage & booklets.

Graphic Design Made Simple

Currant Web Design believe offering an effective graphic design service doesn’t have to be hard work for the customer. Our in-house Coventry graphic design team will effectively deliver the planning, creation & delivery of your print materials.

An effective piece of graphic design must tick the following boxes:

  1. Be professional
  2. Symbolise your businesses ethos.
  3. Most Importantly be Memorable

Every piece of print design we produce for you will meet the above criteria. We also produce print & websites for tradesmen.

What Can Graphic Design Bring To Your Business?

Here are just some of the benefits graphic design can bring to your business.

Establish & Build Brand Identity

What sets you apart from your competitors? You may sell the same products or provide the same services, but your unique identity sets you apart. With so many clip art, stock photography and DIY options available, a rush solution could lead to your business looking very much like numerous others. If your products and services are original, then your branding should be too! A good graphic designer will not only create appealing promotional materials but will also be able to identify the unique selling points (USP) of your company and communicate those through your logo, literature and website.

More Effective Presentation

Graphic designers can also be thought of as information designers as they have the ability to take complex information and present it in an effective, organised fashion. This organisation is what makes it far easier for potential customers to grasp all the important information they need to make purchasing decisions. No matter how complex your business, graphic design is the key to clear communication.

In addition to clarity, the images that you present to your customer should tell a story so that people get a feel for your company even though they’ve never come across your business before. A strong brand identity makes you unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Strengthen Reputation

When your business’ graphic designs are aesthetically pleasing, and the design elements are supportive of your company ethos, your company is symbolised as professional. Having a carefully and thoughtfully curated visual representation of your business evokes feelings of trust in customers, and that strengthens your business’s reputation.

Boost Sales

A strong brand identity coupled with a glowing professional reputation can only lead to one thing: more sales! A business with unique and quality graphic designs convey to their audience that their products and services are also unique and quality too. A cycle begins; more sales reinforce brand identity meaning that more people advocate your business, in turn, your business’s reputation expands, and you get more sales!

At CurrantWeb we can give you a complete graphic design package that is tailored to your requirements, both for your online digital presence and offline branding. We can help you grow your brand through your logo design, leaflets, letterheads, business cards, signage and booklets. Our specialist graphic design Coventry team will collaborate with you to produce compelling quality designs that draw potential customers to your business while conveying and supporting your unique business message.

Brochure & Print Design Coventry

We live in a digital age, and just as people thought that televisions would make radio redundant, there have been murmurings that printed marketing materials are irrelevant within the technological landscape. However, this is a misconception.

Printed materials are still important tools for businesses to communicate to their audience. The way that we use them is just different but used alongside digital mediums; they are a significant and effective way to market a business and make a big impact.

How Can Printed Brochures, Leaflets and Fliers Help My Business?


Online materials are available to all and the reach of online information is widespread, but you run the risk of missing key targets altogether. If your site is not optimised to rank highly in search engine results pages, you may not be found online. Printed documents, on the other hand, are available to those who have actively chosen or been selected to receive the printed information once they have met certain criteria.


Our online behaviour typically consists of fast-paced, fleeting and effortless engagement with the sites that we visit. While we may absorb some of the information, it is often gone from our minds as quickly as we found it. Printed information has a longer shelf life than that of digital counterparts, and can be easily revisited. Most importantly, however, it can be passed along from one person to another. Although this might seem like an old-school method of making a referral, it can be far more effective than the sharing customers do through social media or email links.

Reader’s Attention

How people read brochures and leaflets is very different to how they read online. Online materials are often skim read without too much consideration to what someone is reading, and often while the viewer is multi-tasking, clicking through articles or pages to quickly access information that they seek. A tangible product requires us to use more of our senses, namely touch and smell, so we respond to it physically more than just visually. A physical product commands the reader’s attention while they digest and process the text and images.

Build Trust

While having a website is essential in today’s business world, a far smaller proportion of companies go to the additional trouble of producing a brochure. As a result, high-quality printed materials mark your company out as being reliable and having serious credentials, generating higher levels of trust. Including your goals and objectives within the content of your brochure can further reinforce this.


While most people are digitally well connected, there are still a significant number of people who don’t ‘do’ online, whether they are older members of our communities or they don’t have access to the technology. To forget about these potential customers might mean that you are excluding a proportion of your potential customers.

Graphic Design Made Simple

Just as we know our business, you know yours; working with CurrantWeb is a collaboration. We want to know what makes your business tick and what makes it tock. We want to know your business past, present and where you want to take it in the future. Graphic design is more than the creation of images. It is a strategy to help your business grow so that you can meet and exceed your business goals.

Once we have a complete understanding of your business and what you want, you can relax. Our Coventry graphic design team will then pick up the reigns and get to work turning your ideas into quality images that:

  • Symbolise your business
  • Build your brand
  • Engage customers
  • Memorable to customers
  • Enhance reputation

We’ll analyse the information that we have about your business and use it to create bespoke graphic designs that represent your business. Everything that is included in the designs will add value to your brand:

  • The colours
  • The typeface
  • The images
  • The tone of voice
  • The materials

Once you have approved our designs, we’ll create and deliver your printed materials. Our Coventry graphic design team is passionate about their art, and this translates into the quality and diversity of their creations.

Coventry Graphic Design Specialists

At CurrantWeb Graphic Design Coventry, we believe excelling your print design expectations. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of your business and brand, and creating print materials that are bespoke to you. We want to know everything that makes your business tick: your products or services, your business culture, your dreams, and aspirations – we view your business holistically, and respond with graphic design material that is both creative and strategic. Every aspect of your business will be scrutinized by our specialist Coventry Graphic Designer professionals, so that every element of the design yields a benefit, and anything that doesn’t, is amended until it does.