Web Design Leicester

Are you fed up of the traditional methods of advertising? Are you looking to build an online presence? If the answers to the above are ‘Yes’ then you have come to the right place.

We are a Coventry based digital creative agency who push the boundaries of your ideas to create bespoke, forward-thinking websites and develop e-commerce solutions to satisfy your business requirements. We are dedicated listeners and enthusiastic problem solvers; our creations are bound by your business’s ethos and goals, and so we are your partners who work collaboratively to share your vision. CurrantWeb are a team of professional creatives who combine technological skills to achieve the unthinkable. We measure our success by the results our clients achieve: your triumphs are ours.

Currant Web Design Leicester is a forward thinking, results orientated online marketing agency serving the Leicestershire area. As a business we strive to help likeminded businesses develop an online presence through innovative and exciting web design & online marketing.

Our in-house team of web guru’s are experts at taking new or underperforming online businesses and transforming them into online heavyweights.

The Currant Web Design Leicester team were hand picked based on their specific specialism, we undertook this process in order to build an extremely well rounded team, that can handle almost any business idea or specification. CurrantWeb put a huge emphasis on quality & delivering results to our clients, which is why we believe having the right professional for the job is absolutely paramount for your businesses online success.

Our goal is not for your business to perform okay but to explode online & leave your customers in your wake. Often our customers find themselves attracting all of the below:

  • Massive levels of visitors & traffic.
  • Increased online orders / enquiries.
  • Increased online turnover.
  • Miles ahead of their competition.

Our Philosophy

Currant Web Design Londonview the designs from both a creative and strategic perspective. Every feature and element that will be included in your website, not only will have great aesthetic merit, but will also serve a purpose. We transform Leicester brands by taking a results-driven approach by ensuring that our websites are creative and responsive.

Our philosophy is simple: we create, we measure, and we evolve.

Our designs are tailored to your industry, and your business requirements. Your ideas are just as important as ours throughout the creative process, and our team of Leicester web designers will develop your site to help your business achieve its full potential. This means understanding your industry, your customers, and your organisation’s future plans– the three are inextricably linked and dependent on each other, and each provides their own unique challenges.

eCommerce Web Design Leicester

With the continued rise in the number of people shopping online, it is vitally important that your business adapts quickly to the changes happening online or risk being left behind.

Shoppers now want to be able to shop on the go using their mobile & tablet devices. Shoppers want a secure & efficient shopping experience. Ask yourself does your current website cater for these customers?

With the rise in website builders & cheap nock off websites it is now more important & imperative that your website is designed bespoke & is tailored to your business & your unique selling points.

Otherwise ask yourself, what separates you from everyone else?

The biggest selling point to any website is the business behind the product, like it or not, your website is a representation of your business, if it looks cheap or the same as everyone else online then your customer will not buy. We aren’t making this stuff up. This has been tried & tested. Don’t kid yourself, buyers are now demand a more intuitive buying experience than ever before, you need to cater to their every requirement or you risk being left behind.

An eCommerce web design Leicestershire will allow you to clearly display all products on your site for all of your customers to see. If you’re worried about this being too complex to manage, then you needn’t fear, as our Content Management eCommerce software is easy to use, and will allow you full control over adding, removing and editing all products within your website.

By choosing an e-commerce website design, you’ll be able to benefit from all of the essential features needed for a thriving online shop. Your customers will be able to enjoy an easy search facility to search your site for specific products, and they’ll also be able to keep the products they like in a basket, before heading to the checkout. We can also integrate different payment types into your website, such as Paypal, Worldpay, Sagepay and Google Checkout.

Reliable Web Design Leicestershire

Your triumphs are ours, but how do we know when you are achieving success? The most obvious way to measure your success is by the conversation rate of clicks to your site through to a successful checkout, but at Currant Web Design Leicestershire, we measure technical aspects of the users’ experiences so that we get a holistic view of their engagement; and the good news? We use the analytics to evolve your site to heighten the user experience, and ultimately the success of your website.

Responsive Website Design Leicester

As the world of online success is growing it is becoming ever more important for your business to have and promote an online presence. We understand the importance of taking your business online and our website designers have years of experience in creating successful and visually appealing websites. Not only that, your site will feature a fully responsive website design, or in other words, completely mobile friendly.

Your site will be built in a way that dynamically detects the visitors device, whether that be a desktop, tablet or mobile phone & then proportionately presents the website to that visitor in the correct format for the devices. Each customer is displayed a website tailored to suit their exact device requirements. Why is this important? Over 50% of visitors will now visit your website from a mobile device. Can you truly afford to alienate 50% of your customer base?

Currant Website Design Leicester has experience in creating brochure websites, content managed websites and even fully functioning e-commerce platforms, so no matter your requirements, call or enquire today for a free no-obligation quotation.

Phase 1 – Strategy and Consulting

There is not a one-size fits approach for Leicester website design, it simply does not exist. Each business or organisation has a different culture and set of goals. At Currant Web Design Leicester, we need to fully embrace your company’s ideals and philosophy, your goals and objectives, your past and your future; and the only way we can do this, is by getting to know you, your industry and your customers. This is why we have such a strong Strategy and Consulting Phase. It allows us to discover the finer points of the details of the products and services that you offer, the operational side of your business, and your vision.


For us to develop a website that works for your specific business, we need to understand your business model, your target audience, and the ultimate aim of your website. The information that we need broadly consists of:

  • Your brand
  • Your product
  • Your audience
  • The features and scope that you envision
  • Your timeframe
  • Your budget

This information gathering exercise is crucial to the website’s and our mutual success. We need to understand and clarify your objectives for the website, so that we can guide your vision for not only an aesthetically stunning website, but one that is optimised to achieve its full potential.

Understanding is a two-way street. We need to understand your business, but equally, you also need to the design process and what is involved. At CurrantWeb, we lead you through the different stages of the web design process, so that you are fully informed from day one; this allows us to successfully work collaboratively and in partnership to reach our mutual goals.


Your unique website design will be developed in response to careful and detailed research around your industry, the Leicestershire locality and beyond.

  • Stakeholders: the stakeholders in your organisation hold the keys to your website’s success. They will know the elements of your website that they would like to see improvement to. There may be a form that can be included on your website that would help your marketing team harvest additional data, or perhaps an additional field in the checkout process that would make your accounting systems more efficient.
  • Competition: we identify patterns in products that are being offered, industry ‘must have’ pages, and even what works for your competitors, and what doesn’t. This enables us to create a site that gives your business the competitive edge, and exceed your industry’s benchmark.
  • Customers: your customers are essential to your website’s success, and getting a complete understanding of the demographic is necessary to the whole design process. The website is your shopfront, and the design must be appeal to your target audience. Different layouts, fonts, and colours can be used to engage the audience according to their demographic. Profiling your customers will also help us to identify and implement the best SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques to engage your audience, whether that is to increase customers in Leicester alone, nationally or even internationally.

Strategy and Proposal

Having completed extensive research into your business and industry, we will be in the position to develop a design strategy that is tailored to your business’s needs to fully maximise its potential. Currant Web Leicester will provide you with a bespoke proposal that provides the details of our digital strategy for both web and digital marketing. This document will give you a visual understanding of our streamlined design and development processes, and how we can provide solutions to the challenges that have previously been identified within your currant methodologies; we do this through creativity, search engine optimisation and social media integration. It also gives you an opportunity to voice your feedback: remember, this is a collaboration!

Phase 2 – Design & Development

Once the proposal and strategy has been confirmed and agreed, we then move onto the Design and Development Phase. This is the phase where we let lose with our creativity and pull out the stops, and work meticulously to develop a site to exceed your expectations.

Design Planning:

The collated data that was collected during Phase 1 is further analysed and considered, so that we can further strengthen the design that has been agreed.

Design Phase:

This is where our plans are translated into the raw product. It is an exciting time for us to see the website take shape from the words within the proposal and into a tangible product. This is where the magic happens, and we finally see the fruits of our labours.

Design Presentation, Client Feedback & Client Approval:

The initial design presentation is your first opportunity to see the prototype website. You will be talked through its features and taken on the users’ journey. This is the time where your feedback is necessary, if you have any concerns or questions, now is the time to raise them. Our success is your success, and changes can be made until you are 110% happy with the design: we welcome your feedback.

Project Web Development:

Once you have approved the site, our specialist Leicester web design team now enhance the technical capabilities of the website, ensuring that the site is fully optimised for responsiveness, the content is managed, and it is updated to incorporate the latest technologies. No stone is left unturned: your site is 100% mobile and SEO friendly.

Pre-Launch Quality Checks & On-Site Optimisation:

Nothing is left to chance. At this stage, your website is checked, double checked and triple checked to ensure that any bugs are fixed, and quality standards assured. Your onsite optimisation is measured against the initial agreed strategy and any lastminute amendments made.

Website Launch:

And exhale. The satisfaction of seeing your website up and live is immeasurable. Both you and CurrantWeb will have worked hard to get to this stage, but the end result always brings joy.

Phase 3 – Post-Launch & Marketing

Post-launch is an incredibly important time for your website, and it is a critical phase in terms of influencing how successful your website is going to be.

Post-Launch Meeting:

You will regroup with CurrantWeb to discuss the project and the next steps. Since the launch of the website, you may have identified areas that need tweaking and adapting to suit your business model, or you may have had client feedback that needs to be actioned. We are all ears! It is a good idea to document your queries and questions as they occur post-launch, so that any issues that you have can be addressed and a solution provided.

Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategies:

The digital marketing strategies that were detailed in the proposal can now be further assessed and developed. Now is the time to kickstart your campaigns. We will discuss with you the tactics that can be implemented across the digital landscape: Leicester local SEO, PPC, email, and the all-important social media campaigns. This is an exciting time to really drive your business forward to optimise its potential.

Convert Traffic & Increase Customer’s Lifetime Value:

Increased traffic to your website is one of the indicators of your website design’s success; however, it is the conversion rate that we are really interested in. The design of the site will be optimised to have clear calls to action, engage your visitors and increase the conversion rate. CurrantWeb provides our customers with an opportunity to hit targets and increase the return on investment year on in.