Web Design Nottingham

With more people turning to their smartphones, iPads & computers to search for products & services online, it is now more imperative than it has ever been that your business not only has a website but one which is selling you, your business & you product as effectively as possible. The Internet has become the most powerful tool, which businesses can utilise to expand.

Here at Current Web Design Nottingham we have a team of in-house specialists that can help take your business to the next level. Whether that’s establishing your Nottingham business online as a start up, or dramatically increasing online sales & enquiries, our team will allow your business to grow at an exponential rate.

Each & every business is unique & the team at Currant Web Design Nottingham strongly believe your business deserves a tailored solution to meet your business goals, ethos & requirements. No “One size fits all” online, we need to make your business stand head & shoulders above your competition, otherwise you risk being left behind.

Whether you already have a website for your business, or you’re looking to have one built for the first time, our designers are able to create a site which not only fits your own specifications, but also appeals to the people who really matter – your customers. Taking the time to understand what you want from your web design is crucial to the final result, and we make sure to get to the core of your business needs in order to deliver the best quality website design Nottingham has to offer.

Responsive Website Design Nottingham

This coming year more people will search online using a portable device than ever before? Whether that’s a mobile or tablet device, your online business has to be ready to deliver a first class user experience to these customers or risk alienating a huge chunk of your market.

A responsive website displays your websites layout, content, product or service dynamically to suit the device your visitor is browsing your website with. Why is this important? If a website isn’t responsive it has been proven the vast majority of customers will leave your website within 3 seconds. Your potential customers are using a device to make shopping or searching for a service easy, otherwise they would be walking down the high street, your website needs to be easy to use, navigate, enquire or purchase from or your visitors will quickly become frustrated and go to your competitor.

Not only are you alienating over 50% of your market by not catering for mobile devices you are also harming your search engine visibility. Google now ranks websites based on its mobile algorithm, meaning if your website isn’t offering mobile customers an easy to use service & your competitors are, expect to be below them in the search results.

At Currant Web Design Nottingham we offer all our customers the opportunity to invest in making their websites responsive, the results our customers are seeing have been astonishing, more enquiries, more traffic, more conversions & more importantly more sales. Can your local Nottingham business afford to not go responsive?

Our designers are always happy to discuss ways in which to improve your website and can work closely with you to produce both attractive and profitable results.

E-commerce Web Design Nottingham

We offer professional and highly effective e-commerce solutions using powerful open-source software. Our team of developers have both the knowledge and the ability to create truly incredible online shops, which will transform the way you sell your products online.

You’re intuitive eCommerce platform can do & handle just about any request, whether that’s managing stock levels & orders, producing sales graphs or creating coupon code. Your eCommerce solution will be extremely powerful, feature an easy-to-use interface, so managing your store and keeping up with is simple and easy.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Full order management functionality
  • Comprehensive and intuitive reporting
  • Seamless integration with your chosen payment gateway
  • Stock management

Sound fantastic right? But maybe a little daunting? Don’t worry, not only is the eCommerce solution extremely easy to use, our team will provide comprehensive training on how to use the system & get the most out of the platform.


Online Marketing Nottingham

Having the correct web design in place is crucial to online success & supercharging your online sales, however without the visitors and traffic, it can all be for nothing. Not to worry, our team of online marketing & SEO Nottingham specialists are on hand to help you achieve massive levels of traffic online.

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