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It’s paramount that when potential customers visit your website it presents your organisation, your product & you in the correct light. At Currant Web Design Nuneaton we have a team of web design & online marketing specialists, with years of industry experience, on hand to help you achieve the above.

Each business Currant Web Design Bedworth help is unique, which is why we are strong advocates against the “one size fits all” approach to web design & online marketing. Your business & most importantly your customers deserve a bespoke user experience tailored to their individual requirements. Only by undertaking in this approach, does you business have any chance of succeeding online.

Traditional sales is dead

“We don’t need a website, we cold call”

“Why do we need a website when we have a Yellow Pages listing?”

“We sell door to door, who searches online anyway”

If the above resonates with you, do not wait, call our team right now on 02476 55 22 22 as you & your business are considerably more trouble than you think. The above approaches to sales & to growing a business is not only dated but are dead. Your business needs to embrace the digital age or risk being completely left behind.

Why go nock on doors, cold call or spend thousands on advertising in a book, when you could channel hundreds & sometimes even thousands of qualified prospects straight to your online shop front. Not only that, your online shop front is going to be open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, ready to take orders & supercharge your businesses finances.

Responsive Website Design Nuneaton, Bedworth

Did you know that this year more people will view your website via a mobile phone or tablet than they will using a desktop PC or laptop? People want to shop or do business on the go, your website needs to cater for this mobile friendly requirement.

With this in mind Currant Web Design Bedworth offer our Nuneaton & Bedworth customers a fully dynamic, responsive website design service. What this means is your website will not only look great on a iPhone, but on every portable, handheld device on the market today. Each visitor will be delivered your website in a version suitable for their specific device, making it easy for them to browser your website & most importantly purchase or enquire regarding your service.

Is all of this really necessary? It sounds expensive!

Responsive web design really is a necessity in the modern era, otherwise your new website is out of date before it has even launched. So why is it so important, a mobile friendly design has been proven to increase online transactions and conversions by over 50%. Not only that, Google’s search listings are now taking into account whether your website is mobile friendly, so if you plan on marketing your online business, this is not something to be overlooked.

Is it expensive? The short answer is absolutely not, its actually incredible value for money, especially when you consider the amount of customers you’re are alienating & the sheer amount of business you are losing out on by not investing in your business.

eCommerce Web Design Nuneaton

Looking to sell your products online? Want an easy to use system that allows you to upload and maintain your store in minutes? Currant Web Design Nuneaton provides an e-commerce web solution that could turn your business idea into a multi million pounds operation. With an easy to use admin panel, you can keep track of your sales; manage your products and your customers with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Our team of dedicated developers will assist in the set up of payment options like Paypal and Google Checkout as well as ensure you have all the correct delivery information, VAT details and the no-how to let you get online and selling as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Online Marketing Nuneaton

At CurrantWeb Nuneaton we have a team of proven & highly skilled online marketers who are ready to look after you every SEO requirement. Allow our SEO team to take your online business & supercharge the amount of visits, sales & enquiries your receive.