Web Design Rugby

We are a creative web design agency based in Coventry who offers tailored web designs for businesses in and around Rugby. Our in-house specialists develop bespoke forward-thinking websites that combine your vision, your company’s ethos and objectives, with our innovative creativity and technological skills; and the result? A website that not only looks stunning to the end user, but one that provides digital solutions to meet your business’s requirements, whether you are a young startup about to launch in Rugby, or already an established business wishing to hone your e-commerce site.

Website Design Rugby

CurrantWeb measure our success by your success, and we work collaboratively with you to help you accomplish outstanding results. We understand the challenges that businesses face, and our expert Rugby web design team will guide you through the processes to help your website to deliver results continually. Currant Web Rugby help you generate more traffic to your site so that you benefit from increased leads, and help you develop a long-term digital strategy.

With more people turning to their smartphones, iPads & computers to search for products & services online, it is now more imperative than it has ever been that your business not only has a website but one which is selling you, your business & you product as effectively as possible. The Internet has become the most powerful tool, which businesses can utilise to expand.

Our Philosophy

At CurrantWeb, we believe one step further when meeting and exceling your expectations. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of your business and brand, and creating a website design that is bespoke to you. We want to know everything that makes you tick: your products or services, your business culture, your dreams and aspirations – we view your business holistically, and respond with designs that are both creative and strategic. Every aspect of your business will be scrutinised by our specialist Rugby web design professionals, so that every element of the design yields a benefit, and anything that doesn’t, is amended until it does.

Our philosophy: we create, we measure, and we evolve.

Our web designs are developed in response to your industry and business requirements, and our Rugby web design team are guided by your ideas and visions as to how you want the site to work: it’s a collaboration and partnership that will create a website design that maximises your business to reach its full potential.

How do we know when we have achieved success in the transformation of your Rugby based brand? The most simplistic way to quantify the success of the website design is to measure the increased traffic, but we want a more detailed indicator. Yes, we want to see intensified customer engagement, so that the first visit is not the only one, but we want to see an increase in the conversion rate through to a successful checkout. We do this by using analytics to heighten the user experience, implementing best SEO practices to your site’s content, and strategising email and social media campaigns. In short, we evolve the site to be the best web design it can be.

Currant Web Design Rugby

Here at Currant Web Design Rugby we have a team of in-house specialists that can help take your business to the next level. Whether that’s establishing your Rugbybusiness online as a start up, or dramatically increasing online sales & enquiries, our team will allow your business to grow at an exponential rate.

Each & every business is unique & the team at Currant Web Design Rugby strongly believe your business deserves a tailored solution to meet your business goals, ethos & requirements. No “One size fits all” online, we need to make your business stand head & shoulders above your competition, otherwise you risk being left behind.

Whether you already have a website for your business, or you’re looking to have one built for the first time, our designers are able to create a site which not only fits your own specifications, but also appeals to the people who really matter – your customers. Taking the time to understand what you want from your web design is crucial to the final result, and we make sure to get to the core of your business needs in order to deliver the best quality website design Rugby has to offer.

Responsive Website Design Rugby

This coming year more people will search online using a portable device than ever before? Whether that’s a mobile or tablet device, your online business has to be ready to deliver a first class user experience to these customers or risk alienating a huge chunk of your market.

A responsive website displays your websites layout, content, product or service dynamically to suit the device your visitor is browsing your website with. Why is this important? If a website isn’t responsive it has been proven the vast majority of customers will leave your website within 3 seconds. Your potential customers are using a device to make shopping or searching for a service easy, otherwise they would be walking down the high street, your website needs to be easy to use, navigate, enquire or purchase from or your visitors will quickly become frustrated and go to your competitor.

Not only are you alienating over 50% of your market by not catering for mobile devices you are also harming your search engine visibility. Google now ranks websites based on its mobile algorithm, meaning if your website isn’t offering mobile customers an easy to use service & your competitors are, expect to be below them in the search results.

At Currant Web Design Rugby we offer all our customers the opportunity to invest in making their websites responsive, the results our customers are seeing have been astonishing, more enquiries, more traffic, more conversions & more importantly more sales. Can your local Rugby business afford to not go responsive?

Our designers are always happy to discuss ways in which to improve your website and can work closely with you to produce both attractive and profitable results.

E-commerce Web Design Rugby

We offer professional and highly effective e-commerce solutions using powerful open-source software. Our team of developers have both the knowledge and the ability to create truly incredible online shops, which will transform the way you sell your products online.

You’re intuitive eCommerce platform can do & handle just about any request, whether that’s managing stock levels & orders, producing sales graphs or creating coupon code. Your eCommerce solution will be extremely powerful, feature an easy-to-use interface, so managing your store and keeping up with is simple and easy.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Full order management functionality
  • Comprehensive and intuitive reporting
  • Seamless integration with your chosen payment gateway
  • Stock management

Sound fantastic right? But maybe a little daunting? Don’t worry, not only is the eCommerce solution extremely easy to use, our team will provide comprehensive training on how to use the system & get the most out of the platform.

Phase 1 – Strategy and Consulting

Nobody knows your business better than you do; each business has its own culture, objectives and goals, products and services, which is why we pay so much attention to this phase of Strategy and Consulting.

During Phase 1, Currant Web Rugby collates information about your customers, your competition, your industry and your business, so that the in-house creatives are given as much relevant information as they need to tailor your website and strategy to your needs.


For CurrantWeb to create a website that complements your business, we need to understand what your business model is, your target audience, and exactly what you want your Rugby website design to achieve. We all need to be singing from the same song sheet. Our collaboration will enable us to understand the finer details of:

  • Your brand – we need consistency of the message that we are giving.
  • Your product – what makes your product unique to that of competitors?
  • Your customers – who are they? To which demographic do they belong?
  • Your vision – what are your likes and dislikes of website design?
  • Your timeframe
  • Your budget

At this stage, the quality of the information that we gather correlates directly with the website’s success. Our CurrantWeb Rugby web design experts need to understand comprehensively what your objectives are for your website, so that we can embrace your vision, and create a website that is not only visually stunning, but one that is fully optimised to reach its full potential.

Your input is of paramount importance at this stage, and for a truly collaborative effort, you need to understand what we do too. We will fully explain and guide you through the design and creative stages that are necessary to develop your bespoke website, so that we reach our mutual goals. After all, your success is our success.


The website that we tailor for you will be developed in direct response to full and detailed research specific to not only to your business, but your industry, too. We don’t just focus on local Rugby businesses, but nationally and globally.

  • Competition: we live in a digital age, and you no longer compete with local companies alone. We research your competition across the digital landscape to help us identify key ‘must have’ pages, what works on competitors’ sites, and what doesn’t. By undertaking thorough research, we can give you the competitive edge, and exceed the current industry benchmarks.
  • Customers: the whole design process is centred around appealing to your target customers. Even details such as the colour used, the font and layout can dramatically affect how the audience engages with your site, and so CurrantWeb develop a customer profile to fully understand who they are. We use this information to create a site that targets your customers, and utilises SEO techniques that are partnered with digital strategic campaigns to strengthen their interest, curiosity and loyalty.
  • Stakeholders: the people within your business know what they want from your website, and are an important resource for inspiration. This may be the simple addition of an extra field in the checkout process that will help your accounts team or warehouse operatives, or perhaps an additional request for information on a form that will provide valuable information for your marketing team.
  • Stakeholders: the stakeholders in your organisation hold the keys to your website’s success. They will know the elements of your website that they would like to see improvement to. There may be a form that can be included on your website that would help your marketing team harvest additional data, or perhaps an additional field in the checkout process that would make your accounting systems more efficient.

Strategy and Proposal

Once we have collated the information, we are then in a position to understand exactly what your business needs, not only in creative terms for your website, but for the supporting web and digital strategies too. We will provide you with a proposal that gives a visual understanding of what happens next, and how we have identified solutions to the challenges that currently exist, and most importantly, the impact of implementing the suggested strategies.

Remember: we are working collaboratively, and this is the opportunity for you to voice any concerns and raise any questions that you may have. Our Rugby web design team are ready to respond to any of your questions and implement any changes that you request.

Phase 2 – Design & Development

Once you are 110% happy with the proposal, we then move onto the Design and Development Phase; our in-house Rugby web design professionals are ready to work their magic.

Design Planning:

The collated data that was collected during Phase 1 is further reviewed and analysed so that our creative web designers are fully immersed into your business requirements.

Design Phase:

This is where the proposal comes to life, and a tangible product created. Our creative juices are flowing, and the website developed.

Design Presentation, Client Feedback & Client Approval:

Once we are happy with our offerings, we will proudly present you with the prototype website that has been tailored to the proposal. You will experience the website first-hand and be taken through the user’s journey. The website will be designed for easy navigation, and take full advantage of innovative SEO techniques that will boost audience engagement and your business’s success. This is your opportunity to provided us with feedback so that any amendments can be made before you approve the site to go live.

Project Web Development:

Once you have approved the site, our specialist Rugby web design team will further assess and test the site’s responsiveness, manage the content to ensure that it is optimised to be 100% mobile and SEO friendly, and with the latest available technologies.

Pre-Launch Quality Checks & On-Site Optimisation:

This is where we work our technical wizardry and make sure that any bugs are fixed, and quality assured. This stage of the process entails checks, more checks, and even more checks. Currant Web Rugby ensures that the site complies to the agreed proposal and any last-minute amendments are made.

Website Launch:

Ta-da! We have lift-off!

Phase 3 – Post-Launch & Marketing

Post-launch is perhaps the most significant Phase that we embark on, and it is critical to the success of your website. The success of Phases 1 and 2’s, are dependant upon the strategy that we implement for this final Phase.

Post-Launch Meeting:

Following the launch of your website, we need to ensure that the impact on your business is as we proposed. The post-launch meeting gives us both an opportunity to discuss its merits, or even areas that you feel are ready to be developed further, and the next steps we need to take.

Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategies:

The strategies that were put forward in the proposal are now ready to be kickstarted. We will have analytics to show how your customers are engaging with your site, and how the Rugby SEO team can implement the strategies to best suit your business: think PPC, email, and, of course, the social media campaign.

Convert Traffic & Increase Customer’s Lifetime Value:

With the introduction of the web and digital strategies, your bespoke site will now be accessed by a much larger audience. It will be optimised to convert those clicks into real activity that yields results. Remember: your success is our success, and this is how we measure it. Currant Web Rugby provide you with the opportunity to turn your visions of business success into a target hitting, business growing, reality.