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At CurrantWeb we dedicate ourselves to delivering the highest quality, cost effective, consistent, result-oriented web design services to Coventry & West Midlands businesses. CurrantWeb are continuing to grow, recently partnering with local agency Mash Web Design Coventry.

Based in heart of Coventry, the team at CurrantWeb have a wealth of creative design and web development experience, together with our familiarity and passion for Internet technology; we endeavour to devise the most sophisticated, user-friendly websites possible. The team at Currant Web Design West Midlands have been hand selected to offer our customers the perfect solution.

Whether you require a full e-commerce store or just require a fresh new look for your existing site we take the time to make sure we fully understand what your needs are and through effective planning, market research and analysis of the competition we’ll deliver a great looking website that meets your business goals.

We believe in delivering effective web solutions that really work for our clients businesses and that generate them the results they need. The relationship we have with our clients is important to us and we will make every effort to get to know you, your company and the way you do business. We make every attempt to better understand your needs and match our online designs to your every specification.

We have worked with businesses from all over the globe from small start-ups to large multinational organisations and delivered hundreds of successful web projects in the process. It is this unique experience that gives us the edge when approaching any project, big or small.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites dynamically adapt to the needs of multiple devices, including desktops, tablets and mobiles. When the size of screen changes, responsive website content will dynamically change also, ensuring a comfortable and technically accomplished viewing experience for the user. The sheer number of people using mobile devices to browse the web necessitates this change of direction, as seen by the below statistics.

  • Over 60% of the UK population (37 million people) now own a smartphone or tablet.
  • 75% of users access the internet via their mobile devices on a daily basis.
  • Web browsing from mobiles and tablets now accounts for over 30% of all UK web traffic.
  • When designing a responsive website we optimise the user interface for tablet devices. We make use of tablet functionality such as zooming and side swiping menus. Text links are changed to ‘click-friendly’ buttons and page content is rearranged to take the new screen size into account.
  • Responsive design is all about making a website easy to use regardless of the device the user has chosen.

Responsive websites look great on PC’s & Laptops

Creating a fully responsive website delivers enhanced viewing on desktop as well as laptop computers too! When a user manipulates their web browser window, the content of your website will dynamically change to match the current viewing area. This is great for usability and also a superb reminder of your website’s inherent quality. As web browsing on mobile devices continues to increase in popularity, it’s vital that company websites are offering the most user-friendly experience possible. Currant Web Coventry research, plan and develop ergonomic, practical navigation interfaces to ensure perfect compatibility with mobile phones and tablet computers.

How will it benefit your business

There are many advantages to adopting responsive design into your web presence. Here are a few of them:

Responsive will soon become the way in which websites are built. By choosing a responsive design you are future-proofing your website for years to come!

A website that responds looks super impressive! Your website will seem extra stylish and even maintain its quality when the viewing area shrinks to fit a mobile screen.

Your website will become much easier to use. No longer will your visitors be hassled with the need to pan and zoom to see the content they want- one size fits all!

Currant Web Design West Midlands have a team of experts in delivering responsive web design projects. Speak to one of our helpful team today.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Coventry

CurrantWeb specialise in delivering both local and national search engine optimisation to Coventry & West Midlands businesses. Our team stays one step ahead of Google updates & algorithm’s by monitoring the search engine on a daily basis. Your website will be in safe hands.

Search engine optimisation is the attempt to optimise your web site for maximum visibility on the search engines. The three main areas involved in search engine optimisation are keyword research, onsite SEO, and link building.

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