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      Email Marketing

      You have a fantastic new product or service available, it solves a massive problem for your customers & therefore you see it as your duty to shout as loud as you possibly can about this service to new & existing customers.

      Traditional sales methods are dead. Don’t waste your time cold calling, supercharge your customer base & the size of your business without ever picking up the phone again.

      Email marketing allows you to communicate directly to your prospect or customer and is often a completely overlooked form of direct marketing. Not only are you able to communicate with 10,000’s of individuals and businesses per month, but it is also extremely easy to measure the statistics & how successful the campaign has been.

      Building a customer base

      One of the trickier aspects of any email marketing campaign is initially building the customer list. Our team of professionals will put in place a strategy to best suit you and your business. We use a number of different ways to build effective customers lists:

      • PPC Landing Pages
      • Purchasing Qualified Customer Data
      • Organic marketing
      • Blogging
      • Video Marketing
      • Webinars

      Audience Engagement

      Audience engagement is crucial to maximising your profits & success via email marketing. No one likes spam emails but is both annoying & will be deleted immediately. Instead, the team at CurrantWeb create engaging email campaigns to keep your prospects & customers hooked. Whether that be by promoting a product sale, your existing blog, an offer, through smart email marketing we are able to ensure high click-through rates.

      Ready To Discuss Your Project?

      Ready to take action & supercharge your email marketing revenues? Our specialists are on hand 5 days a week & are happy to answer any questions or queries regarding our email marketing. So call the office on 02476 55 22 22 or email & speak to one of our happy to help advisers.

      Why have email marketing?


      Our team are able to schedule & automate your email marketing. So let us take for example someone who has purchased a product from your store, how effective would it be to automatically send out a follow-up email cross-selling other products? Or imagine being able to target customers who have abandons their shopping cart, we are able to automate a trigger email to remind the shopper that they have left behind products.

      Measure your success

      Easily track customer engagement & conversions via your email marketing, this information allows our clients to clearly see what a fantastic job we are doing for their business. Clearly see where and what your customers are engaging with & the revenue associated with each campaign. Monitor how many times your emails are being opened and clicked. We are strong believers in making our campaigns as transparent as possible.

      A/B Testing

      Our goal is to make your email marketing as effective & profitable as it possibly can be. The team optimizes your email marketing campaign with powerful A/B testing. We don’t just test the design either, we are able to change the content, the name of the sender & the time in which it is sent. By analyzing every nuance of each campaign we are able to deliver absolutely staggering results to our clients.


      The days of sending one generic email to your whole customer list are long gone. To truly see staggering results from your email marketing you have to send tailored content to your subscribers that they care about. When building your list we may be attracting subscribers from a whole range of different locations, from content purchases to blog subscriptions. Each will be segmented into their correct group, which we will later target directly.

      Bespoke Layouts

      No more generic looking emails. Our team of experts will design & build your email marketing layouts from scratch, tailored to the actions you are looking for your customers to complete. All of our layouts are built fully mobile friendly, meaning that if someone on a smartphone or tablet open your email, your design adjusts to fit the user's device. Ensuring that not only the email content is tailored to the customer's requirements but also to the user's device.

      eCommerce Features

      We are able to simply connect your eCommerce store to your email marketing solution. Which will allow you & your business to easily track orders, configure automated messaging & supercharge the revenue you achieve via email marketing. There really is no stone left unturned, even down to your customer’s demographics. We are able to monitor the gender & the age of your customers to allow you to further increase the relevance of the emails you send out.
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