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      5 Things Your Website Needs to Convert Customers

      Table of Contents

      To succeed in today’s business world, it’s vital you have a website. Rather than listening to word of mouth recommendations, people now choose to use the internet, in particular, the online search engines. Websites come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, each of which will have its own unique capabilities. While each may be unique in its own way, there are some key attributes all good websites will have. The idea behind your site is to catch people’s attention when they visit and convert them into leads. Keep reading if you want to learn more about those key elements.


      More and more people are using their smartphones to browse the interest. This growing audience needs to be able to see your site without having to scroll across the page. A responsive website should be your aim. It will also help if you regularly review your site and ensure everything is working as it should.

      Quality Content

      Content is a vital element, and that content also has to be readable, interesting and informative. Many of the visitors to your site will be looking for answers to their questions, so make sure you provide them with useful and bite-sized information that will help them come to the decision that what you’re offering can help with their current problem. You want to be perceived as informative, and not as a salesman who is trying to land another deal. This can be a difficult notion to get right, as many come be too much of one or the other.

      Easily Found

      It should be easy for your site to be found by any potential customers. Ensure your website address features on any business cards, your email signature and is included in your personal and professional social media accounts. Search engine optimisation should also feature as part of your marketing strategy. You don’t want your site to be lost in the thousands of search pages. Far more preferable for it to feature in one of the first two.


      Ensure your site loads as quickly as is humanly possible, whether on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. If your mobile site takes less than a few seconds to load, your readers will jump ship and look elsewhere. There are free tools available to check their speed; there are also special developers who specialise in speed optimisation.


      Words are important, but images can also help to get your message across as well as helping to break up large blocks of text. Imagine how you would feel if faced with a large expanse of nothing but words. A few lines down the page you will have switched off and be looking to leave and find somewhere more user-friendly. Remember that nowadays, people are enjoying websites that make use of white-space. 

      These 5 tips will help you on your way to business success. There are a number of other factors you should also consider such as aesthetics, calls to action, powerful landing page, contact details and testimonials. Over time there may well be more to add to the list, because as we all know, the internet is constantly changing, and we all have to do our best to keep up with best practices.

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