5 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

If you’re a small business owner, then be sure to steer clear of making the same mistakes as many who have gone before you. Web design is hugely important to the success of your business, and it needs to be compatible across a range of platforms including tablet and mobile, as well as being enticing, engaging, and responsive. Unfortunately, many sites miss the mark when it comes to these requirements, which in turn means that these companies aren’t able to reach their target market effectively, nor can they capitalise on potential profit. Ensure that your small business gets the start it needs and deserves, and avoid the following five design misdemeanours.

Missing Out On Capturing Customer Details

Building relationships with customers and clients is what’s going to help you go from step to step, create meaningful bonds that are beneficial for yourself and the customer, and spread the word. You want your existing customers to return to your site again and again, so it’s your responsibility to continue to engage them, capture their email addresses, send them relevant content regarding your company, discounts, savings to be made, and how much you appreciate and value their custom.

Not Focusing On Core Information

The homepage of your website should include links to important information that your users will want to know, and will likely have come looking for. These include store opening hours, FAQ’s, shipping details, directions, and return policies.

Poor Use Of Headers, Sidebars, And Footers

If you don’t have the faintest idea of where to start and how to get to grips with the more complicated technical terminology, then you’ll need to seek professional help from a web builder who can light the way for you. If not, then you’re going to have to learn how best to apply the likes of banners, headers, and sidebars in a way that looks clean-cut and straightforward to use. You want to ensure that each element is bold and distinct from others – keep the design simple, moving images to a minimum, and resist the urge to use garish colours. Stick to minimalistic design, and work in a large non-cursive font.


You need to demonstrate high quality throughout your website – this means that written content should be free from grammatical errors, it should be laced with appropriate and relevant keywords, and the site should be slick and easy-to-use from start to finish. Always put quality before quantity, however you should aim to post as often as you can, on time, and within some sort of pattern/routine.

Relying On A Free Website Builders

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. That’s the general rule, right? The problem with relying on a free website builder like Wix is that you’re not going to get quality. After all, you get what you pay for, and if you’re not parting with a single penny, then you can’t expect a quality job. If you don’t have a high budget, then be sure to search the market and find an agency who can cater to your needs and create a cost-effective design. There are thousands of talented designers out there, so have a thorough look around before deciding. We offer high-quality web design services at a low monthly cost to our customers, check out our monthly websites to see just how we can help your business.