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      A Small Business Guide To Lead Generation

      Table of Contents

      Lead generation is a fundamental part of finding the growth that your business needs to succeed. If you can find a good source of leads, then your supply of new customers and clients will dry up, putting the business in a precarious position. You need the flow of new customers to at least match (but hopefully overwhelm) the churn rate of customers leaving. So, what lead generation strategies should you invest in?

      Have a great website

      Online, there are few lead generation tools more effective than a website. However, that site has to accurately and professionally reflect the strength of your brand and hit the pain points of your audience. However, getting the kind of website that reliably generates leads takes a lot of investment, which not all small business owners can afford. CurrantWeb offers a pay monthly website service that gets you set up with the lead powerhouse you need while making costs manageable and predictable.

      Deliver great content

      Content marketing plays a big role in online lead generation, nowadays. If you have informative, educational content that answers the questions that your audience is asking, it gives them another reason to visit the site, leading them closer to conversion. You can even incorporate an email newsletter, encouraging them to come back time and time again, increasing chances of conversion even further.

      Ensure your site is optimised

      Most potential leads won’t visit your site directly, but will use search engines to attempt to find a service, information, or to answer a question. Making sure that your site is amongst the top results of those queries is what our SEO, or search engine optimisation, services are all about. Through a website audit, we can ensure there are no issues such a poor site mapping or dead links making Google ignore your site, while we can use link building and local listings to give your site more authority, helping it rank better.

      Get social

      Everyone is on social nowadays, offering you the opportunity to reach your target market and communicate directly with them. Finding the right platform your audience is using, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or otherwise is essential. From there, you can use it as a dissemination platform for your content, post videos, infographics, and link to other relevant content. However, engagement is the key, so you must be consistent in replying, sharing, and liking posts aimed your way, too.

      Consider paid advertising

      Though it can be prohibitively expensive for small business owners, when it comes to generating a large amount of leads and engagement in a short amount of time, paid advertising, whether through social media or pay-per-click ads on Google, is one of the most effective strategies. You simply have to ensure you’re balancing it with the organic, longer-term, less expensive marketing efforts through social media, SEO, and website content production. CurrantWeb are a leading website design UK company.

      It takes time, money, and effort to find an effective lead generation method, so finding the most cost-effective one is essential. For businesses looking to generate those leads online, CurrantWeb’s pay monthly websites can help you find the leads your business needs.


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