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      How to Increase the Conversion Rate on your Website

      Table of Contents

      One of the most sought-after skills is to be able to increase the number of conversions a website generates on a consistent basis. Our team possess this skillset in bucket loads & we are going to share some practical advice on how you can increase your website conversions today, without being an expert.

      Steps To Easily Increase Your Websites Conversions

      Clear Contact Details

      One of the most commonly overlooked improvements a business owner can make to their website is to clearly display correct & relevant contact information. Convincing a visitor to buy or enquire about your product is only step 1. Once they have made that buying decision, you need to ensure that there are no other obstacles in the way. Your buyer must be able to find a suitable means of contact within 3 seconds or risk losing your buyer completely. This is a concept often ignored by designers, your site might look great, but if it doesn’t convert, it’s pointless. Display clear contact information throughout your website, in a range of different locations.

      Clear User Experience

      Another common issue is the lack of a clear user experience. Many businesses’ believe that by simply displaying their services online that they will generate enquiries through their website, this, unfortunately, is a myth. As a business owner, it is crucial that you first identify which services you want to push and then determine what buying motives your customers have for purchasing that service.

      Once you have decided upon which services you want to promote we recommend clearly displaying them at the top of your website above the fold line. Commonly this could be within a banner area, or in clear key calls to action directly under the hero banner.

      As part of your calls to action, be sure to use the key buying motives which you previously decided upon to help draw an action from your customers.

      It’s important that you don’t just stop there. Ensure that each of the pages the user is directed to is tailored to that customer’s key buying motives and the service you want to promote. On each of these landing pages, there should be a clear way for the customer to get in contact or purchase your product.

      Data collection – Free Giveaway

      Engaging your visitors is crucial to generating new leads. Often the best customers do not make them themselves via a normal service-related contact form. Often people requiring your service will simply be looking for a solution without wanting to contact a business or speak to a salesperson. Therefore, a great method of convincing these visitors to enter their contact information is to entice them with a free giveaway that solves their problem. Collect their contact details and market to them. The free giveaway could be an offer, a product, or a free e-book with advice on your specific service.

      If creating an e-book sounds like something you be interested in, be sure that you incorporate your customers key buying motives when creating the content. An idea we use at Monthlyweb is to address common problems customers may be having, dispel incorrect beliefs, or provide advice on how to succeed in your industry.

      Using Live Chat Facilities To Increase Conversions

      By integrating a live chat facility on your website, you are able to engage directly with your customers as they are directly looking for your service. This is highly effective, and if you are using an intuitive live chat integration, you can heavily customise the experience your user is receiving by delivering tailored messages to suit each service or product. We use the live chat facility Drift, which has a fairly extensive set of features within its free package.

      General Conversion Rate Optimisation Advice

      By implementing the above recommendations into your online marketing strategy, you will see improvements in the number of enquiries you receive and also in the quality of those enquiries. To truly maximise the potential of your website you should speak to a specialist and have a team of experts look after your website and marketing strategy. The team at MonthlyWeb have extensive experience in this sector and would be more than happy to assist you and your business. Contact today on 02476229999 or simply contact us via

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