SEO Rankings Disappearing 5th April 2019 – Google Bug

There have been reports of a bug with the Google search engine first reported on the 5th of April 2019. The bug is one all SEO’s fear. Quite simply you website disappears from the Google search engine with no warning.

We experienced this bug yesterday morning on three sites. Initially we thought it was a temporary fluctuation, however once we did our research and found a number of sites who had completely disappeared we feared the worst. A google penalty.

Now, our agency doesn’t undertake in black hat SEO for our customers but there always runs a risk.

The strange thing about the bug is the website completely deindexes, like it never existed. After heading to the Google search console to look for errors, which there were none, we tried reindexing the page. Problem solved almost instantly.

We seen this on 3 well ranked websites yesterday and all have returned to their previous positions after reindexing.

Initially we thought the bug was isolated to our sites along however SEO roundtable reported the bug officially here: