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      Using Disqus in your WordPress website

      Table of Contents

      DisqusFor today’s web design tip, I just wanted to talk a little bit about Disqus. Disqus is a commenting system you can install on your website. For regular readers, this will be no shock that I’ll be looking at Disqus’ integration with WordPress.


      So Disqus is one of the easiest things I’ve installed in WordPress and got working. It involves creating a Disqus account, which you use to moderate and manage the account, the last thing is installing the Disqus plugin in WordPress. As long as you haven’t removed the core functionality of WordPress comments, you’ll be alright.


      One of the biggest plus’s I can give Disqus is the set up and configuration process. There’s so much you can configure and set up, it means you can moderate your website exactly the way you want to!
      You get more settings than you know what to do with, which is good if you have loads of ideas on how you want to run your blog.

      An after thought?

      So what if Disqus is an after thought. Imagine you’ve been writing a blog for years, you have hundreds of followers and thousands of comments already sat on your website. Now you’ve seen how good Disqus is, you’re going to want to integrate it right?, but not lose all your comments & followers int he process. Well you may just be in luck, Disqus has a comment importer built in!

      We were thrilled when we saw this and managed to follow the easy process and pretty much pushed us all in favour of Disqus.

      If you are interested in guest posting check out article on 1500+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
      So if you have any comments or knowledge you want to share, please leave feedback in out newly integrated Disqus comment system below!

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