Using the WordPress Import / Export tool

The WordPress Import / Export tool is a great feature already integrated into WordPress that has been around for quite a while now. If you are not already aware of it’s capability, or even that it exists, then read on!

The Import / Export Tool is a great way of importing from existing WordPress sites, and transferring all or specific parts (e.g just posts), rather than editing directly in the database.

Exporting from WordPress – (Tools>Export)

As part of the export process, you can pick a few options on the data you want to export. Once exported, WordPress creates an XML file.

  • All Content (pages, posts, custom fields, comments, terms, custom posts and navigation menus )
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Custom Field Groups
  • Classes

See Screenshot below of the Export Window on an example WordPress site


Importing to WordPress – (Tools>Import)

You will need to install an importer plugin to the ‘target’ WordPress site, WordPress Importer, which can either be done through WordPress by inserting your FTP details, or by uploading to the plugins directory.

Once installed, you simply select your XML file, (previously exported from your current WordPress site) and Import. You will find whatever you have transferred over is now in your ‘Target’ site! Fantastic.

Also remember to upload any Plugins or themes in your WordPress directory if these need transferring across as well.

See Screenshot below of the Import Window

Importing from other Blogging platforms

You can also export from other blogging platforms into WordPress as well:

Blogging platforms include: Blogger, Blogroll, Moveable Type and TypePad, Categories and Tags Converter, LiveJournal,  RSS, Tumblr.

You will need to install the right import plugin to WordPress dependant on what your current blogging platform is, and export the file, then import to WordPress as above.

A great feature used to transfer just posts, pages, or absolutely everything from one WordPress to another.