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      5 Fool Proof Ways to Generate 40% More Leads in One Week

      Table of Contents

      If business is stagnant, or worse declining, you need to act fast. You need to develop a strategy that will provoke interest and engagement with your brand, and while building up your business can be a slow process there are several things you could do turn things around. Either contact our West Midlands Online Marketing team or read on to discover five fool proof ways to generate 40% more leads in one week.

      Use Social Media Effectively

      Social media sites are spaces where you can post about your business for free, so don’t miss this opportunity to get your brand out there. How many social media sites does your brand have a page on? Have you checked out the profiles of some of your customers? Who are you appealing to? If you’re using social media effectively then you should be able to not only increase your online activity, but you should be able to use the free data to target your online activity more effectively.

      Target Existing Customers

      If you target customers who’ve bought your product or used your service before, and who’re satisfied, they are the people you want to retain as customers. If you can encourage them to use your business that second time, you could be on the way to converting them into a loyal and regular user of your business, and a vocal advocate of your brand. If you’re always trying to just bring in new customers, you risk attracting just one-time users who don’t spread the word about your brand or respond to any further marketing. Client loyalty and retention is key.

      Network with Potential Customers as well

      Networking is an obvious tip, and if you find ways of working with other businesses you can bring many of your marketing costs down. However, many people don’t think to build up a network of customers and clients. If your product or service is aimed at businesses, you should be able to generate a number of leads from regular marketing events; but if you’re targeting a certain demographic, your brand should appear at events that will attract that demographic. For example, if you’re targeting students then your business should have a presence in fresher’s week in the bars or on campus.

      Discounts and Coupons

      Everybody likes to feel like they’ve cheated the system – why not let them? Demonstrate your business confidence about the products or services that you provide by offering a great deal. Your customers will return to you for repeat business. It also gets people talking about your brand, because when people find a good deal the first thing they want to do is share it with their friends and family. Offer your discounts and coupons on social media to make the sharing of your deals as easy as possible for your customers.


      If your content is of a consistently relevant and of a high standard, customers will continue to access it. If it’s funny, informative or in any way useful, it will be shared, talked about and used. This means that, instead of bringing your business to your customers and trying to persuade them to take an interest, you can set out your stall with the confidence that they will come to you.

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