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      £50,000 Give Away… (Well Sort Of)

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      Research has uncovered that almost three-quarters of people now use the internet when they want to find out about services or buy products. The days of word of mouth are long gone. The salesperson is almost redundant, and we now rely on our smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops to tell us what we should be spending our hard-earned money on. How do you get your brand featured in the many search engines? With a popping, SEO-friendly website, of course. Designing a website and getting it published online has a number of benefits. Most of which far exceed the parameters of a salesperson. Let’s explain what these are and how you can benefit from £50k’s worth of sales value for little more than the cost of a coffee every day.

      A well-designed website will:

      • Attract potential customers
      • Inform, educate and inspire
      • Create visibility and awareness of your brand
      • Drive leads
      • Automate the sales process

      The bottom line is that your website can connect with more people in one day than a salesperson could hope to reach during the whole of their career. All your information is there online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To have a representative available for those hours would cost a fortune. Your website will be able to speak to more than just a room full of people, and most definitely attract more attention than a face-to-face meeting ever would.

      The Requirements for a Compelling Website

      Creating a website sounds pretty easy, and there’s no denying your basic level site can be created by a novice without too much trouble. Having a website is really only the beginning. There are many chapters in a bestselling marketing story. It does, however, form the core of your drive to make your brand visible. However, social media, blogging, search engine optimisation and advertising also have a part to play. To make a website more visible, you also need to consider:

      • Providing would be customers with information that’s useful and relevant.
      • Providing calls-to-action
      • Designing a website of the highest quality
      • Making information easy to find and keeping it up-to-date
      • Making it accessible for all types of devices
      • Giving reasons why people should choose your brand
      • Allowing customers to buy your products or get in touch easily

      Why Your Website is a Salesperson and Not Just a Brochure

      You might think of your website as just a brochure, but it is so much more than that. In actual fact, it is more than a salesperson too. You don’t have to worry about waiting for it to finish coffee breaks, have lunch or travel between prospective clients. Your website doesn’t require such fuelling breaks, and it even works at the weekend and on bank holidays. It can perform all the functions of a person and more, provided time is spent on its design.

      So, what about the £50,000 give away that’s mentioned? For a small monthly cost you can benefit from that amount of sales value as part of the deal. Having a good website is essential for your business, whatever industry you operate in.

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