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      Website Design for Personal Trainers

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      For many customers, choosing a personal trainer is as much about finding someone whose personality and teaching style matches their own as it is finding someone qualified to do the job. Having a great website gives you a fantastic opportunity to show off your personality at its best.

      A website also allows you to tell people far more about yourself than a flyer or business card ever could; you could even include videos and images for a few of your routines. Though you may have a string of qualifications to your name, potential customers are far more likely to be impressed by photographs or video clips of you working with a client, competing in events, or engaging in leisure sports.

      Cost considerations

      Many business owners who have yet to take themselves online are hesitant because they believe they can only have a website if they make a huge upfront payment to a design company. This is no longer the case. At CurrantWeb we can create a beautiful, slick and professional website without you having to pay a penny upfront.

      Our pay monthly website service has no setup cost and no contract. Simply make fixed, affordable payments each month and enjoy a website created to your personal specifications.

      Even the most successful personal trainers would still take some time to recoup the upfront cost of setting up a new website. However, by paying monthly you have only a small outlay which means that you need only a few new customers to make back what you have spent. A pay monthly website is better for you and better for your bank balance.

      More local customers

      As a personal trainer, you will often need to travel in order to see your clients, but having local clients makes it possible for you to see more people in less time. One of the best ways to generate business locally is to have your website optimised for people searching for personal trainers in your area.

      Imagine how much more business you would get if your name was at the top of the results every time? At CurrantWeb we do more than just design fantastic websites at affordable prices, we can also optimise your site to target the kind of customers you desire the most.

      You could also consider including a blog on your website, giving advice about what to wear when exercising with a personal trainer, how to prepare the space in your home or tips on nutrition and general wellbeing. The more value you add to your website, the more prominent it will be during online searches, helping you to reach even more customers.

      Shout out on social media

      Linking your website to your personal social media accounts is another way to expand your customer base. If a customer has a particularly good session and sends out a tweet that includes your handle, it can appear in a special box on your website.

      If you have clients who have been especially pleased with your services, why not ask if they will provide testimonials for your website? You may even find some who are willing to have their before and after photographs displayed, giving solid evidence of the transformations you are able to achieve.

      With easy affordability and a 30-day money back guarantee, a pay monthly website from CurrantWeb is the smart business choice, which can help bring in website traffic and increase brand recognition. Why leave your online visibility to chances when a pay monthly website could increase the success of your business on your own terms?

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