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      What is Pay Monthly Web Design?

      Table of Contents

      Pay monthly web design is what it says on the tin; rather than paying an upfront all-inclusive cost for your website design and leaving you to it, the initial cost is spread over the lifetime of the website but with the added benefit that your site will be continually monitored and optimised for peak performance.

      This concept has been developed in response to customer demand – they want to have access to web designers on an ongoing basis so that any problems with the website are addressed swiftly before they escalate into critical issues.
      With this new approach to web design services, it gives clients more control over their site so that it always reflects what is important within their business model:

      Content – you can be more responsive to market changes and seasonal demands, adapting content to SEO trends as they evolve.
      User experience – any areas that are identified to be thwarting the users’ experiences can be quickly acted on, whether it be a checkout challenge or a broken link.

      Back office – you may find that as your business grows you need your website to be tweaked to enable you to perform your back office tasks more efficiently. For example, you may want to introduce a subscribers’ option to harvest e-mail addresses for your automated marketing strategy.

      In short, it allows your site to be more relevant to your business and your customers.
      Your website’s design should fulfil several criteria above and beyond being a platform for your business, and a monthly web design package will ensure that your site continues to excel in these areas.


      A responsive website is one that translates across the different mediums and considers the user experience on all devices – mobile and desktop – no matter what the screen size, platform or orientation. Google ranks sites that are mobile friendly above and beyond ones that are optimised for desktops.

      Logical Roadmap

      Your site must be easy and logical for the user to navigate to the information that they are looking for. Visitors to your site will get frustrated and leave it if they are unable to locate the information that they are seeking.


      You need to ensure that your site is technically secure from the threat of viruses, but also security for your customers’ data. If your selling online, you need to take security very seriously and have your site secured with an SSL certificate to encrypt critical customer information.

      Social Media Integration

      There are so many social media platforms that are available to market your business on, and you should promote your associated accounts on your website. Integrating your social media platforms into your website is critical to boost your site’s visibility and develop your brand. You can see which posts work well and which ones are not quite as successful at driving visitors to your site.
      A subscription-based service for web design services offers clients a convenient and cost effective and cost saving solution to their web design woes. If you have an efficient and well-designed website you are more likely to be ranked highly in search engine results pages and benefit from that valued position.

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