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      Why choose a pay monthly web design services?

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      We live in an on-demand society, whether you are choosing to watch a film from Netflilx or shopping online for a near forgotten birthday present, you can perform most tasks pretty much instantly without any limits or constraints. You don’t have to wait for shops to open, or for your lunch hour to hit the shops – everything is accessible. Why does this appeal to us? It is convenient.

      Most people are as time-strapped in their working day just as much as their personal lives, and a subscription for web design services offers a convenient way to manage your website without spending time attempting to iron out issues yourself or find somebody that can help.

      Whether you are starting a business or a veteran of the business world, your website is more than likely the first point of contact that a visitor has with your business, and it is critical that it represents your business in the best possible light; turning a visitor into a consumer.

      There are many reasons why visitors leave websites, but here are the top 5 reasons:

      1. Your design is outdated – a badly designed website not only looks aesthetically challenged but can damage the visitor’s perception of your business in terms of trustworthiness and quality.
      2. Slow loading time – remember how convenience is highly rated amongst consumers? Well, a slow loading website eats their time and that they will not stick around to wait for it to load.
      3. Difficult navigation – time is of the essence, and if you don’t lead visitors on a journey to the products that they want and through to checkout, you will not convert the visitor to a consumer.
      4. It’s hard to register for an account – if the online processes for a user to open an account with you are laborious and longwinded, people are not going to invest time and effort to complete it.
      5. Your site has been hacked – nobody wants to use a site that has been hacked. To proceed with a purchase requires inputting valuable personal information, which consumers are not going to risk falling into the wrong hands.

      You can see that all of these scenarios would require the services of a web designer to find a solution to these issues. These are circumstances that don’t even include the issues that crop up with the running a website on a regular basis: bug fixing, evolving SEO trends, changes to Google’s algorithms that may mean your site is penalised, a rebranding exercise, the list can go on; and as the list goes on, so does your invoice.

      However, with a monthly subscription to a web design service it’s a one-stop service for your website with only one cost that remains the same.

      The benefits of a pay monthly web design package:

      • No big-ticket expenditure to get your site up and running
      • You don’t have to wait a long time for a designer to update your site
      • Your site will not suffer from a Google penalty because it is maintained to the latest algorithms
      • No hidden or unexpected costs so you can budget accurately
      • Backup is taken care of, so your website will always be up and running – no need for 3rd party services
      • All web design costs under one umbrella
      • Easy to pay with direct debit

      You need your website to be optimised to satisfy the up-to-date search engine criteria so that it ranks highly. You need your website to be user friendly and give a great experience from the initial arrival at the site through to checkout. A web design service that you pay for monthly is a convenient and cost-effective way of ensuring that your website works to its full potential month in month out.

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