What Skills Do You Need To Be A Web Designer

1. HTML – Having a good understanding of HTML, XHTML etc is fundamental in Website Design, and almost becomes second nature to more experienced Website Design professionals. Although this is regarded as the easiest of web technologies, it almost becomes the most essential. 2. CSS – Ability to represent your design using as CSS wherever possible will reduce your overall […]

How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

If you’re considering creating a space for yourself online, whether that be to make your voice heard through a blog or video series, to promote your business or other enterprise, or simply to make money selling products through an online store, you’ll naturally want to know how much it will all set you back initially. […]

How Will a Website Help My Business?

If you’re a small business and only have a local following, you might not think that having a website will make any difference to your company. In fact, many small business owners don’t feel the need to have a website or use social media. However, having an online presence in this way can make a […]