Looking for Wix Alternatives?

In an age where many of us are glued to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, there’s nothing more important for a business trying to attract new customers than having a strong online presence. If you’re on a mission to build a new website, you’re keen to improve your existing site, or you want to make a […]

Using WordPress taxonomies

So today I thought I’d share a few web design tips I’ve picked up whilst using WordPress when it comes to custom Taxonomies. The main scenario when these are going to be used is when you’re using WordPress as a CMS. Now, I’m not going to go into the whole building a CMS process, that’s […]

WordPress Custom/CMS Menus Tutorial

Lets take a look at how you can use WordPress’ built-in Menu feature to create your own custom menus. WordPress menus allow you to customise and overwrite the default navigation bar that simply displays all CMS pages in alphabetical order. Assuming your theme supports WordPress Menus, you have the ability to: Change the order of […]

How to reset custom WordPress queries

So today I wanted to go over a good little tip, which I always tend to use and would definitely recommend for any bespoke WordPress development you may be doing. When developing your website design, you might come across the need to use one of the following techniques. Getting Started There’s a couple of different […]

Using the WordPress Import / Export tool

The WordPress Import / Export tool is a great feature already integrated into WordPress that has been around for quite a while now. If you are not already aware of it’s capability, or even that it exists, then read on! The Import / Export Tool is a great way of importing from existing WordPress sites, […]

What is WordPress and How to Use It

A dedicated website is a valuable resource to have, and can have a range of practical applications whatever your exact interests are; perhaps you want to use it to host your blog, or promote and raise awareness for your business, or start selling a product that you make. Whatever the reason, making use of the […]

Using Disqus in your WordPress website

For today’s web design tip, I just wanted to talk a little bit about Disqus. Disqus is a commenting system you can install on your website. For regular readers, this will be no shock that I’ll be looking at Disqus’ integration with WordPress. Compatibility So Disqus is one of the easiest things I’ve installed in WordPress and got working. It […]